Earthmoving Levelers

Our heavy duty box scrapers thrive in the construction and agricultural industry. These land levelers are intentionally designed for excellence in maintaining haul roads, precision leveling, and field drainage. All land leveler models incorporate a folding hitch pole that converts the leveler to legal road width compliance when transporting between job sites.

14ll 2201 Ashland


11.4 yd3 capacity
168" overall width
16ll 2201 Ashland


13 yd3 capacity
192" overall width


14.6 yd3 capacity
216" overall width
20ll 2201 Ashland


16.3 yd3 capacity
240" overall width
25ll Ashland


22.8 yd3 capacity
344" overall width

Disc Harrows

Each of our disc harrow models have the penetrating force to handle the toughest wet or dry soil mixing, road building, land and mine reclamation projects. Put our disc harrows to work on your toughest construction challenges and watch your productivity increase. With a transport width of 11’7", these machines are easy to move between job sites which saves you time and money.

3217 14wd Cc


32" blade diameter
17" blade spacing
Ehdw 3620 14 Yard Beauty Cc


36" blade diameter
20" blade spacing
Ehdw 4220 14 D5 Ash


42" blade diameter
20" blade spacing

Ox Block

The Ox Block pusher mounted on the front of a tractor is designed for push-loading scrapers in your construction earthmoving application. By using the Ox Block you will see increased fuel efficiency while reducing your undercarriage costs by a minimum of 50%.

Oxblock Ashland

Ox Block

86" width
5,820 lb weight

Compact Line

The compact line includes our 50CS and 32500SS scrapers. The 50CS is the ideal scraper for farmers, landscapers, and ranchers — capable of moving all types of material. This machine is durable and affordable. If you're looking for a skid steer scraper that can cut, carry, and dump up to 3 1/4 cubic yards, then the new and improved 3250SS is the perfect fit for any larger compact truck loaders on the market today.

50cs Cutout


5 yd3 capacity
101" overall width
3250ss Cc


3.25 yd3 capacity
101" overall width

Leveler Vs. Grader

While levelers and graders both achieve similar tasks, it’s important to know which one is right for your project. As opposed to a motor grader, a leveler has a much lower capital cost as it attaches to any tractor in your existing fleet. This allows you to easily switch between finish grading and bulk earthmoving with a single power unit. This is appealing to users that are looking for easy to use leveling machines without investing in a motor grader.